Aten Consulting LLC
Program Management and Information Technology Consulting


Aten Consulting is primarily a services-based organization. Our services span from business assistance, program planning, delivering technology-enabled systems and operations management. The list of service offerings is shown below:

Business Assistance
We assist startup and emerging companies in their early stages of formation and growth in the areas of business planning, market strategies, identifying funding sources and management support. Our relationships with a network of tech-based organizations, angel funds, venture capitalists, seasoned C-level executives and access to universities allows us to help entrepreneurs overcome the typical challenges faced by startups.

Program and Project Management 
Our experience with managing large-scale IT and business initiatives can be used to manage and successfully deliver your mission-critical projects. Time and again, we have helped our clients with improving their project planning, project execution and project control processes.

Software Development 
Within the realm of software development, we offer analyst and developer resources for custom and package software implementations. Our network includes developers with technical skills on the J2EE and .NET platforms. We have access to SAP and Oracle developers who can assist you with ERP implementations. In addition, we also offer expertise with website development, including websites based on content management systems, social networking sites or Web 2.0 sites.

Quality Assurance 
The founders of Aten Consulting have extensive experience with defining and implementing quality assurance strategies to improve the software quality and end-user experience of business applications. As an IVV (Independent Verification and Validation) vendor, we can provide an objective assessment of the current testing approach and ensure higher quality by adopting industry best practices in software quality assurance.

Offshore Planning and Execution 
While offshore development offers several benefits to companies in the US, there are many challenges that need to be overcome before a company can realize the benefits. The cultural differences, communication challenges and knowledge gaps can only be overcome by engaging experienced and knowledgeable program managers to manage your offshore initiatives. The founding team of Aten Consulting has a combined 25 years of experience managing large offshore development initiatives. We have experience managing the largest India-based software development teams and are ready to represent your requirements and expectations in offshore projects.

Workforce Management 
Aten Consulting understands the unique staffing and workforce challenges that today's IT organizations face. With onsite, near-shore and offshore staffing options, IT organizations seeking an optimal blend of employee and contractor services to fulfill their business commitments. Aten Consulting is committed to understanding their clients' workforce challenges and providing them with quality resources to meet their staffing needs.

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